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Light Art kiállítás – Hold utcai kiállítás

Year 2023

Snowy suprise proposal in the castle of Buda

Dorina and her family – Christmas

Őrség, Hungary

Summer in Greece Part II.

Eszter and Márton wedding

Nóri and Tamás wedding

Családi kreatív

Dorina waiting for the baby

Eszti and Andris wedding

Year 2022

Dorina and her family

Croatia Autumn

Ash und Dom wedding

Barbi and her family

Ági and Máté wedding

Lumina Park, Hungary

Gabi and her family

Bende and Dori creative

2020 – Hullámvölgyek éve

Family creative session in Winter

Paris – Video


New York – Video

New York

Alligator Park, Florida – Video

LA, Hollywood, Mexico, across the southern states, Florida

San Francisco, West Coast – Video

Sequoia and Yosemite National Park – Video

Death Valley, Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks

Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas


National Parks in Utah -Video

Utah, Arches National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Montana, Wyoming, Yellowstone – video

Banff National Park, Beluga – video

Seattle, Canada – video

Seoul part 2.

Explore Seoul – video

Seoul part 1.

Siberia, Lake Baikal

Good bye, Mongolia!

Gobi, Off-Road play and some trouble video V.

Crocodile gets better and some Gobi video IV.

The resue of Crocodile and the Gobi desert

Altyn Emel National Park video

Kazakhstan V. – Singing Dunes

Almaty video

From Russia to Kazakhstan Video

Kazakhstan III. – Kaindy lake

Kazakhstan II.

Georgia video

Georgia II.

Turkey video

Around the Earth Expedition

Spring in Regensburg

Portrait photos






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