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After Utah, we arrived in the state of Arizona, Navajo Indian land and our first destination was the famous Antelope Canyon! Since it is autumn and we are very lucky, we were able to make an appointment, though, only for separate dates, I went earlier when there was more light in the canyon, Sophie in the later because she has better eyes.
Actually, we did it because of the photography, but we couldn’t come in spring and summer, when it was much better to photograph the place. But that was not the point of the tour, and anyway we wouldn’t have paid twice as much for a “photographer” tour where they let you use the tripod and spend much more time with the photos.
The tour is led exclusively by Indians as the canyon is under Indian authority. Whoever wants to come here in the season well in advance (half a year!) book the time, we did not do so, we trusted in good luck, and our tour more spontaneous … It would be difficult to plan all the waypoints for the trip.
It is really difficult to take a nice photo of the place, the top of the canyon likes to burn out on the photos, and the canyon itself is, of course, dark. I tried really hard to absorb the charm of the place. I hope a little of what we saw comes through!

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