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Seoul part 1.

We spent two terrible nights at the Irkutsk airport, sick, sleeping on the benches. The third night got worse as we flew to Seoul at night with a transit. I didn’t like to fly so far, but this time there were two very overweight people sitting in front of me who tilted the seat back.

Upon arriving in Seoul, we decided to spend the first night at the airport because we were pretty tired and my friend Dani, with whom we were classmates at Trefort High School, flew back to Budapest that evening after a folk dance tour. So we had to drink a beer at the end of the world, which we did! The next day we visited Marci, who was also a classmate at Trefort and gave us the opportunity to put down most of our stuff. The world is small though…

Seoul is a very modern city, a huge metropolis with an extensive metro network that can travel quickly and comfortably. On the first day we had a lot of fun as our Korean guide we met at Couchsurfing accompanied us to the sights and of course tasted a lot of local delicacies! We spent the night in a park, setting up a tent throughout the city is forbidden and severely punished, so we slept in a pavilion. The next day it rained all day, so we only took short walks, and then returned to the pavilion at night, unfortunately we couldn’t find a suitable place for sleeping during a three-hour exploration trip.

The weather did not seem to improve, and in fact we received very bad news about an upcoming typhoon, so for the first time we had to find accommodation at Airbnb, in a small room with a separate bathroom. It was luxury for us, but unfortunately it was needed because the typhoon really arrived in the next few days, which twisted trees and caused serious damage to the city. Because so many pictures were taken, I split them so you can see the pictures of the first 5 days in this post.

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