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Every year we try to have some days in real snow, in 2018 we went on a hike to Schneeberg, Austria. There was -20° and sparkling sunshine. Unfortunately my leg was frozen going up to the top because of the new boots (it was too tight). So we needed to turn and go back down, meanwhile the others continued…

Eventually it was a sad but a very good decision: my foot warmed up on the way down, I felt so much better after walking down for only 20 minutes. So I was ok, we went hiking to an another route in the mountain. I don’t want to write more, because I’m a photographer, not a writer, watch the damn photos already!

Oh, and one more thing: when we met with the others at the bottom they explained it was horrible at the top… Huge wind and only mist was up there, they couldn’t see nothing from there. It’s strange how hard decisions can lead to a better end, I was so happy to explore that other route (and the bit from the mountain as well).

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