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My name is János Peterdi, I have been very interested in the world of photography/videography since I was a child. Even before i took a course to be a professional photographer, I enjoyed taking a lot of videos and photos, capturing our family, travels and sports life. I decided I wanted to show more of what I really like to do, so I created CamperStudio.

CamperStudio focuses specifically on wedding photography, but you can also find our works related to many other areas, including our journey around the Earth in 2019.

My aim is to satisfy the clients, so your needs as a photogpraphes, be it a wedding, family shoot, a creative session or anything you can imagine. I am very flexible and my philosophy is to be open minded in all areas of life. I am working with professional devices to record your life’s best moments, and I am not afraid to get wet or dirty. I am ready to climb up or lie down anywhere just to get the perfect shot for you! To see more about my works please check the Gallery and the References menu, and if you like what you see don’t hesitate to call or write me!

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