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Sophie and I got to know each other more than 10 years ago, when we started to train in the same triathlon team. A few years went by, we trained a lot together, finished high school and found out we love each other! Since then we make a team together for better or worse, fortunately mostly for better. The love of sports kept us always close to each other, and we love to explore new places, so we can say traveling is our passion.

Beside our passions we are very responsible persons, so we fullfilled our duty and both studied further after high school. I graduated in 2018 as a jurist and Sophie finished her studies in 2017 from International Relations. During our studies we realised, these are not our passions (yet). We decided we want to make a living from what we really love to do, so I accomplished a photography school and started our small photography company. We are living in Regensburg, Germany, but as I mentioned we really love to travel so we do it a lot, doesn’t matter if it’s for work or for our joy.

Our aim is to satisfy the clients, so your needs as photogpraphers, be it a wedding, family shoot, a creative session or anything you and us can imagine. We are very flexible and our philosophy is to be open minded in all areas of life. We are working with professional devices to record your life’s best moments, and we are not afraid to get wet or dirty. We are ready to climb up or lie down anywhere just to get the perfect shot for you! To see more about our works please check the Gallery and the Blog menu, and if you like what you see don’t hesitate to call or write us!

Currently we are traveling around our precious Earth, follow us on Facebook or this site!

A few memories from our lives

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