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Kazakhstan V. – Singing Dunes

At the Altyn-Emel National Park in Almaty, you will be charged for entry, otherwise you will be penalized. We bought the ticket for a day, only for so long because it is full of mosquitos, you don’t really want to spend more time for sure! The road to the Singing Dunes is a dirt road and is quite reasonable. It is not potholed, but the sand made a pattern in it. The solution to this is to go a little faster than you think is comfortable. Between 60-80, the car pulls out more, but this has its disadvantages, of course. For example, if there is an obstacle due to the higher speed, it is harder to notice at all, and harder to stop.

Alright we arrived at the dunes, unfortunately not at the right time, at noon. There was no one in the area beside us, so we started to climb to the huge sand dune with the cameras and a bottle of water. It took a lot of effort to get to the top, and plenty of water ran out during the action, but it was worth it. I felt like being in a retro Aladin computer game was a fantastic experience!

Not only is it worth to the eyes to come here, it is not by chance that the place is called Singing Dunes. If you walk on the ridge of the dune, run and push a lot of sand off the hill, the whole dune really makes a very interesting sound, and it vibrates too! We tried to take a video from it but unfortunately you can’t hear very well … Well guys, you have to come here in person!

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