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The resue of Crocodile and the Gobi desert

We set off south, targeting the Orkhon Valley. We were lost, or not so much as we found ourselves in the direction of the Orkhon Falls, but the road was something amazing. Amazingly beautiful and wild, we had over 30 river crossings along the way.

Crossing a river means to cross the river bed because there is no bridge built. As the valley descends, the water gathers and you have to pass through always greater gorges. Fortunately, Crocodile got through without a problem, and we even pulled a mongolian car out of the water!

Continuing our trip at a construction site, we got stucked and couldnt move so Spanish travellers rushed to our rescue. They pulled us out soon and we could continue our journey, but not for long …

We tried to cross an unavoidable flooded riverbed, despite the fact that Sophie checked how the riverbed was. It sank, but since it hasn’t been a problem so far (haha, here’s the fatal mistake of trusting tto much yourself!), It didn’t seem so tragic.

The end, however, was almost a disaster, and the car sank completely, in and out. Sophie was on the other side, rushed for help, and I tossed the expensive stuff back onto the bed, the tallest part of the car’s interior. Unfortunately, I couldn’t secure an expensive lens, it was soaked.The help came quickly, and with the help of a local steel wire Croc was pulled out of the bed for a recalculation of 200 euro, so I gave him a beer. For the next two days we were engaged in restoring Crocodile.

We unpacked everything, removed the seats, the middle elements, everything that was wet. The upholstery was puffed up, it took two full days for it to dry. We’ve put everything back in place and lets go!

While driving I took out a stone near the left front brake disc, replaced some fuses, but otherwise the car “got away”! Such is the Pajero, indestructible, even if you are a fool like me.
So we arrived in the Gobi Desert without any problems, and we immediately set ourselves in a gorge! We found out in the gorge that time is running out, so sorry, no more stories, heading to Ulaanbaatar now.

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