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Seoul part 2.

The weather seemed to be easing, we decided to climb a mountain still within easy reach of the metro. The 830-meter-high Baegundae Peak in Pukhansan National Park doesn’t seem so bad, but the climbing was accompanied by an amazing high humidity: 90-99% around, so we sweated a lot by the time we reached it.

At first, it seemed as if we were climbing on the cliffs in vain, as the fog was covering the landscape. We also started sadly going down when the weather cleared, so we climbed back to the peak quickly and looked at the view. We did well because it took approx. The view was clear for 5 minutes, and then everything fell into fog again.

This was not a relaxing tour and since we had been lazy for quite some time, I was not surprised that I had a sore muscles for three days and I could barely climb the stairs. We spent the last few days in Seoul, seeing the rest of the planned sights, including a TV tower with beautiful views of the whole city, in the dark!

Last night we tasted a little more about Korean gastronomy with Marci and his wife, and the local vodka! We took our bags and went to the airport the next day and spent the last night there, just like the first one.

Korea was a very exotic experience, we saw a lot of interesting things that I was trying to convey in pictures. People are very kind, but at the same time restrained. Everything is clean, there is hardly any trash can outside. Everywhere (at all metro stops) there is a free public toilet and imagine it is clean too, though not the bushes are used by the locals but this noble institution!

It wouldn’t be a round story if I didn’t describe that in their hurried, work-oriented, overworked life, eating only has a limited amount of time, so all of the grocery store has soups and pasta, they can make at any time with hot water and microwaves diectly at the shop, saving time and money. In addition, everything in stores is really packaged in a very thorough way, so the waste they produce can be an amazing size.

By the way, such solutions are also popular in parks, and they love to picnic and film outdoors. They have a lot of beautiful parks and the streets are lined with big trees, the city doesn’t squeeze. In addition, street gyms are used in all appropriate locations, which are used not only by young people, but also by older people. In fact, you see about more elderly people than young!

Korea is otherwise very expensive, approx. twice as much as at home, a beer in a convenience store is more than 3 Euros. However, they can pay it because the koreans get a normal European payment. But they do a lot of work for pay, and they can’t go home until the top-ranked employee does. We have something to learn from them, but their work obsession doesn’t belong here … Enjoy the pictures!

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