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We arrived late at night in Goreme, the center of Cappadocia. We drove up a very steep and narrow street to the top of the plateau to enjoy the tide of the hot air balloons at sunrise. We found a very good place, so we phoyographed the car for about an our in the evening (the photoshoot pictures from the previous blogpost were taken at that time). The only downside to this was that the number of ours we could sleep reduced to about four, because of that and we had not taken much rest until now.

Anyway, both of our eyes popped out into the morning wake-up call at 4.45am and couple minutes lated we moved to a better place. By that time, some hot air balloons were already in the sky, approx. within half an hour all of them took off. Unfortunately, the sunrise was not a real one, as many clouds overshadowed the area. Anyway, there were plenty of hot air balloons that we were trying to capture! There were examples of collisions in the air, but the most interesting phenomenon was the way people were transported after landing. The balloon was not lowered, so it floated and the basket was fixed on a pick up car platform. In this way the drove up and down on the mountain to find the perfect spot to open a bottle of champagne for their chinese customers.

After the party was over, we moved on to the valley for the rock formations. You can go by car or even quad, it is an off-road heaven at one of the world haritage sites. We only went up to a hill by car, took some shoots and switched to footwear. You can do great walks between the rocks, climb many but of course, it can be quite dangerous. After the hike we got very tired, so we jumped into the car again and set off for another long stretch!

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