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Tuz Gölü

We left Istanbul in the morning with a sore heart, through a tunnel that was unknown to us, probably under the Bosporus. We drove all day at our comfortable pace and at night we slept at a roadside gas station. We were the first to arrive, but about ten cars stood next to in the morning. That’s how the Turks travel I guess…

The next day we reached the Tuz Gölü, a very, very salty lake in the desert. We photographed in two places, one side, where the water was pink and on the southern part where it became reddish. This is really the color you see in the pictures! However, it is worth wearing slippers, as the crystal clear salt bed cuts the sole quite well, especially if you walk a lot. One of the beaches would have been good to get the car in the water, but we would have been the only ones so I did not risk sinking on the bank… Well, next time more cars will come down, and we’ll pull each other out! Since we were really salty after the hike in the seabed, we had a nice shower and drove off.

And on the way (quoted from my personal Facebook page):

It’s an indescribable feeling to be in Turkey, but I’m trying to describe it…

Since we are on the road, eating has priority, but sometimes we are already hungry but we go one-two ours further. Exactly this happened on this day, so we were really hungry but luckily we spotted this restaurant. It was probably the best turkish lunch we have ever had. But that is not the point. The waiter spoke a bit of English (but he was absolutely understandable and nice) and a guy next to us saw that and asked if we needed help. We said no, it’s okay. Of course, we talked a lot, sat down at the table and he gave us many tips. When we finished eating we said goodbye. But when I got up, I saw that there was baklava, so we ate four. Then I got up to pay, and the guy came to say goodbye again. He said that his father had paid for our lunch and we should have a good time in Turkey. Well, the experience is really indescribable from now on. We talked to her dad for about half an hour, how unbelievable it was!

Come to Turkey, be open minded and experience something you cannot experience anywhere else!

Our new friends!

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