Janos Peterdi Photographer

Nemrut Vulcano

After Cappadocia, I felt that for a long time now nothing would impress me. But we are in Turkey and Sophie is an amazingly good tour planner. We practically sliced ​​through Turkey, right in the middle of the country. From Cappadocia to Van Lake there is a roughly 900 km drive, good quality road and basically no one.

Prairie, huge mountains and the road. That’s it. Yeah, we traveled through a city like Budapest, but no tourist. They also wondered what we were looking for. After Cappadocia it is impossible to meet foreigners, and for us Hungarians this is a blind spot. Nobody speaks English, but it is great to drive and well worth it!

Nemrut volcano has been out of service for a long time, but when it was working, it created a lake 16 times larger than Lake Balaton (!!!). Therefore, slightly afraid, we climbed up with our little Pajero at first on paved, then on cobblestone (!!! I never saw that much in my life), and of course on dirt road. It’s amazing to look down at the crater from the edge of a volcano, but it’s even more amazing that you can drive in it. The craters edge is approx on 2500 meters high and the lake in the crater is 2258 meters high. We decided to find a decent spot to sleep near the lake in the middle of the crater so we spent the night in a volcano. It is an incredible feeling as the crater wall is surrounding you. It is a bit scary though. Unfortunately, not only the two of us slept there, there are people living in the crater 3 km from js by another lake so we shared the experience with them. We fit in, no problem!

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