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Start and Bulgaria

We jumped into our car and set off on the big adventure, the Around the Earth expedition! We would like to thank you for all the support and help we have received from you! We are very grateful to our families and to the Autostudio, who prepared our car for the journey! Without you this tour could not have been created, it is amazing that there are so many people behind us!

Our first stop was Bulgaria, including the Rila Lakes, which we soon achieved with our maximum speed of 80 km/h. We skipped the expensive parking lot and chairlift, so we climbed about 1000m plus levels.

We reached the top leaving the lazy tourists on the chairlift behind! It was an incredible sight, but let the pictures speak! However we couldn’t fly our drone because I forgot to charge my phone …

Coming down the hill was not easy but afterwards we cooked a delicious meal and of course we took a good shower (thanks to our sponsor, KempingVilág, for a very useful and well-functioning electric shower).

We got into the car again and headed for Istanbul! We crossed the border in no time and fell asleep in a parking lot with about 10 dogs guarding our car!

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