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Istanbul is a metropolis with horrible and chaotic traffic. All my driving knowledge has been needed to get through the city without breaking the car in the biggest traffic jam!

Finally I managed it, but in the parking lot I accidentaly cut my finger really deep. I wanted to use the most suitable device, a knife to fit the microphone connection on the camera. It didn’t work, but I cut my finger deep down. I showed the parking guard, he said hundred times or so: HÁSTÁNE! Hastane! I say: Hastane yes! Taxi? No taxi, on foot my dad. Where to go? Well then you better accompany me! Mehmed (really called it … in Istanbul is not surprisingly) showed us the way to the hospital and we laughed all the way, that it would be nice not to cut my whole finger. He pointed out that he could get scissors if he had to … I said the doctor can also sew it if he had to, but at the end, he didn’t. We arrived at the hospital and were immediately picked up, checked in two minutes: no need to sew. Yess! A nice nurse smeared my finger with antibiotics, plus I got a prescription, Mehmed translated everything altaugh he didn’t even speak a world in english. Then he paid 300 lire for us without any doubt, because we had not switched the euro yet. He escorted us to the pharmacy and then to the exchange office and we gave him all the money back.

Thanks to Mehmed we could walk around the city, we didn’t have to worry about the car and of course we ate a good durum and tulumba! Returning at night to the parking lot, we took a cleaning shower and fell asleep in a 0-24 hour parking lot in central Istanbul.

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  1. Lóránd 2019.07.22

    Nagyon tetszik! Gratulálok!

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