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Wyoming, Yellowstone, -7°C

Half a tooth left, but at least on new tires and with drugs we left the pine forests of Montana and we’ve reached the state of Wyoming. Our attempt to avoidthe snowstorm failed, and after a cool night (below freezing) we woke up on the edge of the highway that Beluga was even whiter than before, because it was completely snow-covered! Yes, winter came on September 29th in the northern states of the USA.

Temperatures can reach -9 ° C for the next nights, so we have to get into Beluga pretty seriously, get a bottle to pee, because the side door has frozen the night before, if all freezes, we can only go out take action when we start the engine and the car warms up. Or there is the window, after all.

I’s better to climb out of the window peeing when the minuses are flying, than, when Crocodile sank in Mongolia and the door could not be opened from the stream. But why would I have opened it, by the time its entire bottom was in the water. My photo lens hasn’t been cleaned since then, and I regret not being able to get a shot from wild bisons in Yellowstone National Park properly.

The park is beautiful by the way, and we were really glad we survived the night because the snow-covered park was a very special experience. Although the northern roads were closed, the experience was complete: we saw many herds of bison and a Grizzly bear! Unfortunately, due to the constant snowfall and the geysers, I did not dare to drone, but maybe further south.

We looked at all the important attractions, geysers, and went to a beautiful, very old wooden-built inn for a shower and blog. Yes, it is really wood, Old Faithful Inn is the name of the place, in the evenings they put fire in the huge fireplace and there was live violin music as well. A magical place, and in addition there is a shared shower in every toilette. If we no longer have money for a room, there is at least a free shower, that’s the minimum!

I’m sitting in a comfortable armchair right now and somehow I don’t want to go out to the parking lot to sleep in the frosty car … But I always tell Sophie when she can’t find the toothbrush that “if it was easy, everyone would do this …”. Well, we do, good night!

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