Janos Peterdi Photographer

San Francisco, along the West-coast

We’ve had exciting days in San Francisco, but maybe it’s better to describe this short little intermezzo in terms of nerve, madness, stress. It happened that we were waiting for a very important letter, which we were planning to receive in San Francisco’s university district, Berkely. Some of Beluga’s papers were sent to us to the adress of the University, where an Amazon pick up point is. needless to say, these are very, very important documents. We calculated that when we arrived in San Francisco, we could take the letter. I read that in the Amazon HUB a letter, could be received for three days. But this applies only to Amazon orders (besides paper there was an Amazon order included in the package), a letter sent by USPS will not be accepted!

Yes, I made a little mistake, although it was hard to avoid, let’s just let you know why. We arrived at the place one day before the arrival of the letter and sure enough, we were informed thatthey were not accepting such items But for our sake, the Amazon guy promised to take care not to send the package back. Well, he didn’t care … We searched the Amazon and the entire university building, package nowhere, yet the tracking number wrote that the package had been delivered! Well, that’s interesting. We thought it was being returned, though no one could provide meaningful information about the whereabouts of the package.

That night, we went into a federal distribution center in San Francisco, demanding a manager talk to us, who after a long phone call found out where the unpacked packages were being returned. Of course, it was not taken back there, and there was complete darkness in the minds of those who worked there, and the word helpfulness was not in the dictionary. They threw me out with a phone number, even though we told them we were foreign, obviously we don’t have a SIM card to call.

As a last resort we went to the post office closest to the address, maybe. Well, no, but at least they sent me to another place, where they again gave me phone numbers and said they didn’t know where the letters were being returned, but if they knew exactly, I wouldn’t be allowed there. We decided to go back to the address and wait for the courier there, meybe we can ask him about our package from yesterday.

Yeah, we had fun with this package-thing for two and a half days, so it was the last straw. So we waited in front of the building. Or Sophie was hunting in front of the building, and I took care of the car, don’t waste precious dollars on parking, three dollars every hour! And we waited and waited and waited. Then Sophie suddenly appeared in the car window and flagged the package. She caught the courier who tried to deliver the package again, such a golden fairy beetle!

We’ve pulled the gas from the college and homeless quarter (weird pairing, but there are plenty of people tenting on the street!), Heading for the Golden Gate! We hiked up to a hill and looked at it from above and then on the other side below, and went to the city, where no less homeless person was found. Nice, but I wouldn’t live here. After sightseeing, we drove off and headed west to the west coast of the Pacific Ocean.

We decided to run along the coast to Los Angeles to see if it would be nice. It was beautiful, but not only the view of the ocean enriched our experience, but unlike Lake Baikal, we met seals here. But how much more! Hundreds of enormous seals were lying along a stretch of coastline. And their lives are very exciting because they don’t do much. I mean, they do nothing. They’re giggling, giggling, quarreling, going off after two or three meters, forgetting their destination, and maybe sanding themselves. But my favorite was the seal that was lying on its back for half an hour and frying its belly. My golden life, who’s gonna work out? Well, they are active, but during this period, the beaches are dominated by females who, if they are not pregnant, breastfeed, which is the major part of their lives. It was an amazing experience watching them, we felt very lucky to have seen one of the most decisive experiences of the tour!

Leaving the seals alone, we rolled down to Los Angeles on the shore it was 34 ° C, so we had to dip in the ocean in October! It wasn’t too hot, but at least that fact scared the crowd, basically we were bathing all alone the shore. But we really enjoyed it, we should always take the opportunity to have a good bath.

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