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Montana, Glacier National Park

We hiked for a couple of days at Glacier National Park and then headed south as they promised a snowstorm within a few days. We thought it would be better to move to warmer terrain, especially since our tire problem has still not been resolved. On the way, one of us broke his teeth, we had to go to a local dentistry, where they immediately announced a $ 77 preliminary examination fee.

After our mini-heart attack, we checked the insurance coverage for dental care as the tooth filling would have cost a total of $ 410. But it wasn’t stuffed, as there was no suitable action to completely restore the broken part, so they had to remove it, but it cost only $ 200 and the insurance covered it.

Going forward, on the way, a very nice fan of us decided to encourage us to buy new tires. Firstly we wanted to buy used ones, because we will leave the car here anyway. As it turned out, it would have been a huge mistake not to install new ones because we were driving for half a day and we were hit by a snowstorm. With the two shitty front tires, it would have been life-threatening to go on, but our fans are looking after us! Thanks again!

On the way, we had to look for a doctor again, don’t think about anything serious, all we needed was a quick examination and a prescription. We went to the emergency room of a local hospital as advised from a policeman. It was not a pleasant experience that I would not go into detail here, the point is that we managed to talk to the doctor who wrote the prescription. Then it was announced that it would be $ 1,200 now, plus the $ 45 medicine (did not fit in the previous amount …). We had a quick phone call with the insurance and two days later, we received an email that the hospital bill was settled, the budget for regular medical care is much higher, and normally virtually inexhaustible.

It is difficult to get acceptable insurance for such long-term travel outside Europe, but I recommend True Traveler to everyone, you can take it online, even if you are already on the road. Yes, this is the place for advertising, although I don’t get paid for it, I think it is very important that you get a good insurance cover for any trip abroad. Everything has been paid so far, the administration is relatively smooth, we have chosen the middle package (due to the dental frame), but it can be varied in many ways, all kinds of insurance can be added.

When it comes to car travel, car insurance is virtually forgotten, especially when it comes to a 20-year-old offroad vehicle, like our little Crocodile.

Yeah, by the way, he got home to Budapest without a scratch, waiting for us for a little winter slip at Christmas. Huge applause to Vanda and Andris, our friends who took our little heart home from the Lake Baikal!

Back to the US and us. We hurried away from Montana to see if we could leave the predicted snowstorm and headed south to Wyoming for the famous Yellowstone National Park, the oldest national park in the world. We’ve been looking forward to this place for a while, and we’re not disappointed, but it’s part of the next episode!

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