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Kazakhstan IV. – Charyn-canyon

After the little intermezzo we set off again, back to where we started before the engine problem. Our trip led to the Charyn Canyon where we made a larger hiking. The road by car ends at the top of the canyon, from here you can walk down to the canyon and hike. There is no more water in this part of the canyon, but on the other side it is, but it cannot be reached on foot only by the river which is crossing the way at the end of the hiking trail. Here we took a really refreshing and pleasant bath in the creeping river of the canyon, and then hiked back to the parking lot .
We rolled down the car a little below, where we had a spectacular sight. Seeing the whole canyon from above, it’s really understandable why this place is called the Grand Canyon of Asia.

This canyon is not small either: it is 150 km long and its highest wall is 300 meters. Inside there is a road for anyone who wants to take a taxi, camp at the end of the canyon or sleep in a yurt! So exciting place, plus good quality asphalt leads you to the entrance, I recommend it to everyone, well worth it!
After the canyon, we headed north, to the Altyn-Emel National Park, home to many exciting natural treasures!

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